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You can automate tedious tasks and increase the productivity of your Sales Team. By using triggers and your custom actions, you can build efficient workflows and implement custom integrations with PipelineDeals

A trigger is an event that happens in PipelineDeals. For example, a person has been added or a deal has changed its status. An action, on the other hand, is something you want to do after the trigger happens. For example, send an email notification or create a task for your sales team when a new lead is created.

Below you can find a description and configuration of selected actions:

API calls

One of the actions that can be configured in PipelineDeals is sending an API call to a third party URL. This is very useful in situations when you want to integrate PipelineDeals application with other systems. Instead of querying the PipelineDeals API and looking for data changes, you can setup these "webhooks" for PipelineDeals to notify your application when specific triggers happen.

To make effective use of webhooks, you will usually need to implement a web service of your own to handle your custom actions.

To configure an API call, you need to provide two things:

  • a URL, where we will send information about changes
  • an email address, where we will send notifications about potential failures

Please note that in order to save the automation, you need to make sure that your URL is working. You can do this by pressing a Test Now button.

You can only save the automation if we receive a successful (2xx) http response.

When everything is set up correctly and a Call API action is triggered, we will send you the following details:

Parameter Description Example
trigger The name of an automation "Person added automation"
event_model The name of a model person, deal or company
event_action The name of an action created, updated or deleted
event_model_id The unique model identifier Integer number, e.g.: 1819213

Error handling:

In situations when our application won’t be able to reach your URL, we will send you email notifications about the problem. To limit the number of notifications, by design, we will send you no more than 5 emails in 5 minutes and no more than 50 emails in 24 hours.