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info OAuth support is planned for the future.

Authenticating to the PipelineDeals api is a very simple process. All you need to do is grab your api_key from Account Settings (PipelineDeals API) section of the app and you're good to go. Note, you will need administrative access to see the settings option from your Avatar's drop down menu.

The api_key allows you to perform a request as if you were logged in as the user the key matches up with.

To authenticate with the api_key simply include the url param api_key with your request.


curl ""


To reset a key just change the password of the user. This action will automatically generate a new api_key for that user.

API Application

Registering your API application with us will offer additional benefits, such as an increased rate limit threshold. To register your API application, please contact us.

If you have a registered API application, include the app_key url param with your request, substituting my_api_application_key with your key.

curl ""