developers API Documentation

All collections in PipelineDeals are paginated.

Any assocations to an object will also be paginated.

pagination format
  entries: [],
  pagination: {
    page: 1,
    per_page: 200,
    total: 200,
    url: '/resource',
Name Description
entries An array of resources
pagination The collection's current pagination settings. The current page.
pagination.per_page How many items per page. The default per_page is 200. The number total number of items available for the request.

URL Params

Name Default Description
page 1 The page that you want to fetch from the server. For example if page 1 contains deals 1-30, page two will contain deals 31-60.
per_page *200 How many items per page should the server return.

* There is a hard limit of 200 items for any request.


fetch first page of deals

curl ""

fetch second page of deals

curl ""