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Search Attributes

Name Type Default val Description
id integer auto-incremented The unique id of the search
is_default boolean false If set to true This search will load up by default when the user selects the tab the search belongs to. For instance, if the search type was a DealsSearch and is_default is true, then the user would see that search load up by default, when going to the deals tab.
search_type string none Basically it is which tab the search belongs to. Current tabs that support saved searches are deals,people,companies,activities, todos.
is_sentence_search boolean false Currently only non-sentence (advanced) searches can be saved.
name string none The name of the search.
sort string none The current sort of the search.
columns array none The columns in the search result table.
query hash none This is a hash that represents the filtering for the search. Each key represents a filter that can be used in the conditions parameter for querying that entity.
is_shared boolean false This represents whether the shared has been shared with others or not. This is only a return value.
user_id integer none The user ID of the user that created the search. This is only a return value.

Query conditions

Each key in the query conditions can be used to filter when requesting a list. For instance, if you had a saved deals search, and the query had the following parameters:
"query" => {"deal_name" => "Cars", "deal_stage" => [123,124,125]}
The keys in the query can be directly used in the deal conditions for querying a list of deals.