developers API Documentation

The API follows the same rules as the app. That means:

  • To manipulate (create/edit/delete) users, you must use the API key of an account admin
  • You can only view users visible to the user whose API key you're using (which is all of them, for an account executive)

User Attributes

Name Type Default val Example Writable? Description
id integer auto-incremented 1234 no The unique id of the user
first_name string Bob no The first name of the user
last_name string Smith no The last name of the user
avatar_thumb_url string no The avatar thumbnail URL
reassign_data_to_user_id string 1234 no User ID to reassign data to when deleting a user. If not specified, the data owned by the deleted user will be reassigned to the account admin making the request.
api_key string abcd1234 no The api key of the user. You can use this api key to perform requests using our api.
is_account_admin boolean true no Whether or not the user is an account admin.
manager_id integer 2348 yes Returns the user_id of this user's manager. (obsolete)
team_id integer 392 yes Returns the team_id of this user.
time_zone string America/New_York no The timezone identifier for the user (as defined by IANA ).
w2lid string abcd1234 no The web-to-lead ID of the user. You can use this ID to setup web-to-leads forms .

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