developers API Documentation

All PipelineDeals API usage is subject to the same visibility rules found inside the app.

Deals Visibility

For deals, John Smith, an executive, would have access to all deals in the system. The managers would be able to see the users below them, and the basic users would only be able to see the deals that they own.

People Visibility

People visibility works just like deals, but with 2 exceptions:

  • A person can have a lead assigned user, as well as an owner. This is typically the case when the manager owns a person/lead, and assigns it to a basic user to work the lead. The basic user has full editable rights to the person if they are the lead assigned user.
  • There are 2 settings for persons visibility. An open model means that everyone in the entire account has access to every person. This suits a lot of smaller companies that use a pool of salesmen that share data. A closed model behaves just like deals visibility, using the hierarchical system.